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Commercial Solutions

OSI has provided IT solutions for small to medium-sized and nationwide businesses for over 39 years, helping them leverage high-end technology without the high price tag. OSI delivers the full benefit of today’s technologies to businesses of all size and scope without a high price tag.

People are more mobile and technology is changing faster than ever before. Businesses of all types and sizes face the same challenge: How do you make the most of your technology resources to meet the growing expectations of your customers and employees while keeping costs under control? Exceed your operational objectives with OSI. Combining intelligent solutions and services with the knowledge, skills and experience you need, to gain the advantage in a fast-paced, technology-driven business world with our best-in-breed providers.

Make The Most Of All Your Investments

We start by evaluating your business to understand your needs. Then we design an affordable, versatile solutions that provides the benefits of sophisticated systems for even the smallest company. Our highly knowledgeable, experienced team can design, engineer and install technology for all your needs including voice, data, wireless, video and security needs.  We are not an organization who automatically proposes a “rip ‘n replace” but believe in maximizing the investments already made and customizing a more current solution that answers today’s needs and business challenges. 

Scalability and Flexibility is key to protect your business

Scalability and flexibility are both key to protecting your business.  Our best-of-breed manufacturers and providers are all vetted to ensure their rock solid reliability and feature-rich functionality so that you are not compromising.  They are scalable so that you do not have to over invest to protect your future needs/requirements.  Pay for what you need today but it should be tailor made to be able to respond to your changing needs and even to the world’s changing environment.  

  • Grow as you need without forcing you into more costly designs

  • Support multi-site operations but with centralized administration

  • Offer mobility capabilities that allow your teams to work anywhere, anyway they want to with secure branch connectivity

  • Provide for integration to the IT world’s dominant protocols and API standards so you are never vested in the wrong path

  • Security options so your networks are protected at reasonable price points while delivering HQ type functionality to all locations

  • Provide redundancy and protection from Business Interruption

  • Allow you to decide how you want to consume the technology, OPEX, CAPEX or even hybrid configurations that suit your needs.


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