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UCaaS / CCaaS

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Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based communications software that reinforces six communication operations:


  • Meetings (audio/video/web conference)

  • Communications-enabled business operation

  • Consolidated messaging

  • Instant messaging and presence (off-site)

  • Mobility

  • Enterprise telecommunications

A cloud-based communications center, creates a focal point for customer interactions across various devices and locations. This type of solution allows all communications and data to be processed and saved in one place, the cloud. Email, messaging, telephone, video and more data will be found in one place. OSI Technology fights against security breaches and hacks for all transactions and communications. Using improved software allows a reduction in redundancy of data. The ease of management promotes progress within staff members. Our work is to help you create a seamless user experience, improve productivity and ultimately profitability by moving your operations to a cloud based solution.. 


CCaaS Solutions


Contact Center as a service is a cloud based solution in telecommunications. These software options are best for call centers or any communications based business. We are able to integrate a call center software into existing programs. Staff as well as customers are able to log in and communicate from anywhere in the world.  Even when you login from different places, you access the same systems. 


Our Cloud-based telecommunications solutions support businesses to deliver coherent and remarkable customer service. CCaas is ideal for a business that wants to provide brilliant voice and telephony, video and audio conferencing, real-time messaging and connection with customers and staff all as an integrated solution. The discerning difference in CCaas is which provider you choose. Our technology offers the best in breed solutions in the industry. Let OSI help you!

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