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Single Source Low Voltage Solutions

OSI Technology is uniquely positioned to provide you the ability to hire a single knowledgeable integrator for all your low voltage systems. Your organization does not have to juggle and manage multiple vendors simultaneously but put in the hands of one vendor who will handle all your on-site low voltage technology needs. Whether you need a video surveillance system, a wireless network, paging, voice or mass notification systems, we are a proven leader in the design, installation, and maintenance of them all. It frees you up to focus on other IT projects or operational tasks while eliminating all finger pointing between technology discipline providers.

OSI will fully accommodate your low voltage electrical needs by providing you with a full line of product offerings which include installation and maintenance, as well as system design capabilities. Our Low Voltage team is highly experienced in many different building systems and products, including a number of life safety systems so necessary today.

We understand that many industries require vital systems with critical tasks. Healthcare, education, and hospitality industries face the challenging task of protecting individuals under their care and the technology they rely to do it is essential. Managing critical time frames and strict compliance mandates, OSI understands that call and monitoring systems must be reliable, efficient and flexible enough to meet changing demands. That is why OSI Technology works with multiple “best-in-breed” manufacturers to give you a complete and customized solution for your campus.

Low Voltage Solutions & Services

  • Emergency Notification

  • Security Video Surveillance and Door Access

  • Network Wireless Infrastructure

  • Telephone, Data and Cable Wiring/Infrastructure

  • Public Address and Paging

  • Telephone Systems

  • Hosted Cloud/Premise Based PBXs and Enhanced 911


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