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“OSI has serviced our organization for the past 15 years, aiding our growth which grew over that period of time to several hundred stores here in the US. They have provided great value to our business which is almost 365x24x7 in today’s retail landscape. Their VALUE to us today has recently led to our asking them to provide managed services to the rest of the Americas and our overseas operations as well. A trusted vendor, who can always be relied upon to put our business at the forefront of their efforts, is hard to come by and how we view OSI Technology today.”

Customer Feedback From A Luxury Brand High-End Clothing Retailer

“OSI provided us the right product set of managed services that our District needed. We wanted to go hosted voice, talked about it for years, but were reluctant to move forward and take on the “risk” of being dependent upon a hosted vendor over the Internet which might not yield the reliability we needed for crisis events. Their solution leverages our premised-based infrastructure in place while off-loading the entire voice application overhead from us which was what was so enticing about hosted solutions. Plus we are saving money over our manufacturer priced maintenance. A vendor who truly listened and constructed a solution for us.” “OSI has assisted with inventory control, installation, DOA replacements and acting as a liaison to resolve availability and shipping issues with our OEM. They have also provided guidance and recommendations for deployment and future software upgrade strategies. Their understanding of the importance of employee background checks not only for their employees, but also subcontractors, afforded the ability to quickly ramp up installation teams to ensure milestones and completion deadlines were met.”

Customer Feedback From Public School Districts With 10,000+ Students

“I wanted to take the opportunity to commend your team on the exceptional work they performed in implementing our new company-wide telephone system. I found your staff to be very professional, personable and well versed in the products and their implementation. From programming and installation to patience in training my staff, the experience has been nothing short of as promised.”

Customer Feedback From An Engineering Firm

“OSI has provided technology support and solutions to us for over a decade, changing their managed services offers as our needs have evolved. They staff dedicated engineers who have a deep knowledge of our business, allowing us to stay operational and profitable while meeting the needs of our own customers.”

Customer Feedback From A Fortune 500 Company With Over 600 Locations, #1 In The World In Their Field


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