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OSI Technology's Experience with Verkada                  

Verkada’s vision and innovative approach support OSI’s strategic objective to make a tangible difference with the technology they deploy. Partnering with Verkada has allowed OSI to not only keep up with – but lead in – industry trends by associating with a visionary in the security space.

“We’re very closely aligned in our objectives and our long-term strategy. Seeing our customers' enthusiasm for Verkada is the most gratifying experience.”

Positioned to Evolve with the Industry

“I've been in the IT business for over 40 years and I can't remember the last time I've been so excited about a product I'm using.”

As the driver for the partnership, Joanne was motivated by the seamless integration between Verkada products, the ease of use, and the intuitive software interface. She envisioned giving customers the ability to manage multi-site operations under a single pane of glass, a feature she regards as a game-changer for the industry.

Growth of the Business

OSI’s revenue streams now largely consist of Verkada products, which account for almost 70% of their business. Joanne highlights the meaningful leads sourced by Verkada, which have been pivotal for business growth. Notably, OSI has garnered significant victories with Verkada, particularly in the education sector.


“Even in our local cities, we see the growth of the products, starting from cameras moving to door access and alarms.”

Verkada's Unified Security Platform: Simplifying Surveillance from LAN to Cloud

In most organizations, infrastructure complexity and downtime lead to productivity and user experience concerns.

Verkada: Streamlining Security Management with Cloud-Based Integration


Not Just Another Video Management Platform

Connect all of your Verkada physical security devices in a single, cloud-based platform. With point-and-click simplicity, it’s everything you need to protect at scale.

Scale with Simplicity

Add more devices and sites without complicating the user experience.


Single Pane of Glass Monitoring

Gain actionable insights with information integrated across devices.


Access Anywhere

Remotely access and manage your sites from any browser or device.

Verkada emphasizes durability, data security, and proactive security management through features like tamper detection and automatic alerts. This comprehensive platform is designed to cater to a wide range of industries and is customizable to meet the unique security needs of each client.


Video Security That Works For All Teams

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Hybrid Cloud Video Security

Strengthen and Simplify Security at Scale


Verkada’s line of hybrid cloud security cameras combines powerful edge-based processing with the limitless capabilities of cloud computing.

Verkada's line of hybrid cloud security cameras combines powerful edge-based processing with the limitless capabilities of
cloud computing. With Verkada's hybrid cloud architecture, cameras analyze events in real-time, while simultaneously
leveraging Verkada's industry-leading computer vision technology for instantaneous insights that bring speed and efficiency to incidents and investigations.





Industrial-grade solid-state storage weaves saves up to 365 days of continuous video.

Easy to Scale

Bandwith friendly and supports thousands of cameras across unlimited locations.

Centralized Management

The modern platform enables secure access on any device from anywhere in the world.

Scales With Your Security Needs

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Minimal Bandwidth Impact

Unlimited Cloud Archiving

Centralized Management

Cameras send encrypted thumbnails to the cloud and stream only when actively viewed.

Store clips in the cloud indefinitely and easily share archived events with key stakeholders.

Bring footage across sites into one dashboard and grant secure access to your entire team.


Simplify Enterprise Access Control

Real-Time Visibility

Seamless integration with video security allows teams to see what’s happening across all sites.

Remote Management

Securely administrate doors, schedules and settings from any device with cloud-based access control.

Limitless Scale

Add an unlimited number of doors, credentials and buildings to Verkada’s centralized management platform.


Take Calls From Anywhere

Verkada Intercom adapts to every organization’s workflows and requirements with flexible receiver options and smart call routing.

Flexible Receivers

Users can take calls on-the-go from the Verkada Pass mobile app, at a desk with the new Desk Station, directly through a web browser via Verkada Command or through any existing phone number - mobile or landline.


Touchless entry with Bluetooth

Leverage your smartphone as a mobile credential.

Meet your new digital keycard

Enable your employees and staff to use their mobile phone to unlock doors with just a tap, eliminating the need for physical keycards.

Lockdown doors in one tap

With Verkada’s cloud-based Lockdown, administrators are able to ensure safety of students, faculty and employees with just a tap.


Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring

Secure your sites with cloud-managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring.

Wired and Wireless Sensors

Add wired or wireless sensors for complete building coverage.

Environmental Sensors

Protect spaces with detection of environmental changes that pose a threat to facilities and staff.

Keep your alarm system up and running during loss of internet or power with plug and play cellular modules and integrated backup batteries.

Video Security

Detect after hours activity with camera analytics, all verified by human reviewers.

Backup Power and Connectivity

Secure points-of-entry with detection of door-based events such as a door being forced or held open.

Access Control


Environmental Sensor

An all-in-one sensor to uncover new insights.

Sensor Readings

With a collection of eight sensor readings, easily monitor the health and safety of your environments.

  • Temperature

  • TVOC

  • Air Quality Index

  • Noise

  • PM 2.5

  • Vape Detection

  • Humidity

  • Motion


Meet Verkada Workplace

Welcome guests with our visitor management system that integrates seamlessly with video security and access control.

A seamless check-in experience

Make guests feel welcome the minute they step in the door. From touchless check-in, remote unlocking of doors, and notifications to hosts, Verkada Guest sacrifices nothing when it comes to ease of use.

One platform to secure the premises

Verkada's visitor management system is natively integrated with the rest of Verkada's physical security platform to provide seamless visibility into who's visiting your workspace.

Streamline guest management

When it comes to day-to-day office management, simplicity is key. Empower front desk employees with a full view of visitor activity, custom guest flows with NDAs and health screens, and more.


Meet Command

Connect all Verkada devices to Command, a web-based platform that makes it simple to manage devices at scale.

One Platform to Manage All Devices

Add ten, hundreds or thousands of Verkada devices to Command. Verkada Cloud enables secure, remote access to your sites from any browser or device.

Actionable Insights in Real Time

By aggregating data across devices into a centralized platform, Command provides users with a complete picture of what’s going on across sites.

Automatic Updates for Added Benefits

Cloud-connected devices introduce a new level of intelligence and automation. With regular feature and security updates, always stay ahead of the curve.

Why OSI Technology?

In Elite Company: OSI Technology and Verkada

Our stature as a premier Business Partner shines bright, exemplified by our distinction as one of only 15 DIAMOND Partners globally with Verkada.

From New Jersey to the World

Our headquarters in New Jersey stands as the central hub from which we deliver excellence and innovation across the globe.

Full-Spectrum Solutions: Design to Deployment

With unparalleled expertise in design analysis, sales acumen, and advanced infrastructure implementation, we provide comprehensive solutions that meet your end-to-end needs.

Our team of knowledgeable and industry-experienced Project Managers is dedicated to guaranteeing the success of your deployment.

Project Management Excellence

Documentation with Precision

We ensure a seamless transition with professional, detailed documentation, providing you with 'as builts' and diagrams that encapsulate the sophistication of your new physical security system.


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