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How A.I. Is Changing The Way Business Is Done

Artificial Intelligence and robotic machines are changing the way business is done. Across the county, companies are looking to deliver desktop and conferencing devices that enable incredible AI experiences, with greater efficiency and enhanced productivity. Companies are quickly adopting and utilizing the latest smart devices to increase employee output and customer satisfaction, striving to create the perfect platform to support the future of AI technologies.

With more than 3.1 billion active smartphone devices in the world, it is no surprise that companies market the simplicity and power of using these personal “machines” to increase our individual productivity and overall quality of living. Whenever we use our smartphones, we are utilizing the power of AI.

The Avaya Intelligent Xperience (IX) Devices provide the simplicity and power of smart devices that the workforce desires. With purpose-built devices that combine personal capabilities with high-quality collaboration tools, Avaya is transforming the basic means of communication.

Here is where Avaya Vantage comes in.

This solution promises the ultimate smartphone experience to users using an employee desktop from either the work or home office. Similar to the operation of a personal smartphone, employees have the ability to personalize their communications and have access to millions of available cloud-based applications.

Avaya is redefining communications in the business world. These solutions will enable employees to enjoy the perks and benefits of the AI experience while improving productivity, job satisfaction, and connectivity.

To hear more about how OSI Technology and Avaya can help your business be transformed call (800) 677-1778 or visit

OSI Technology is a voice and data solutions provider with 36 years of experience in consulting, designing, deploying and servicing best-in-class solutions that drive business security, productivity and efficiencies no matter the business size.

Avaya is a lead provider in converged and innovative solutions that take intelligent experiences to new heights for their customers and partners in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid of both.

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