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Security for Property Management

Image: Verkada

rom ensuring tenant safety to securing new developments, Verkada provides a scalable solution and flexible platform to monitor properties from anywhere. With integrated access control and video security, property managers have visual evidence for door-based events and incidents in public spaces. To detect silent threats, they use environmental sensors to monitor for vaping or smoking, indoor air quality, and harmful emissions that impact the health and safety of residents.

In these reviews, learn how Verkada’s physical security solution is used to protect people and properties worldwide.

Verkada Reviews From Property Management & Real Estate Firms

  1. 98% Time-Savings with an Intuitive, Cloud-Based Platform If I could describe Verkada in five words, it would be ‘seamless video access from anywhere.’ Whether I’m on the go, or at my desk, I’m able to get to what I need from my phone or desktop. We’ve given managers the tools they need to retrieve footage themselves. If I could quantify time savings, it’d be about 98%.” Steve Shala, Vice President and CIO, Shaner Hotel Group Read Full Verkada Review >

  2. Intelligent Search Filters for Faster Incident Resolution “We find people of interest in seconds, either through Face Match or by applying a filter for gender and clothing color. Verkada instantly searches across all our cameras and finds who we’re looking for.” Nick Peers. IT Technical Manager, ClwydAlyn Housing Association Read Full Verkada Review >

  3. Simple to Install, Maintain, and Scale “We needed a security system that would be straightforward to deploy, maintain, use, and eventually scale. Verkada checked all these boxes and then some, including remote multi–user support and 4K video.” Caitlin Hoertkorn, Vice President, DeMatei & Co., Inc Read Full Verkada Review >

  4. Secure Remote Access and Unlimited Cloud Archiving “My team members love Verkada, they can retrieve footage themselves with very little effort because the Command platform is so straightforward. When we archive footage, we save it to the cloud for as long as we want; it’s very easy to find any time we need access to it.” Paige Hughes, General Manager of Meridian at Courthouse Commons, Paradigm Read Full Verkada Review >

  5. 10-Year Warranty and Future-Proof Technology “I was won over by the ease of installation, usability, future–proofing… and I get a 10-year warranty on [hardware] regardless of licensing time. Features like Heatmaps, Crowd Notifications, People Search far surpassed traditional CCTV functionality.” Hannah Whitmore, Health Safety Quality and Environment Manager, House by Urban Splash Read Full Verkada Review >

  6. Automatic Updates with Software and Firmware Enhancements “The software capabilities have grown significantly since we first installed the cameras. We’re notified of updates directly in the platform with an overview of how to use new features to surface events faster.” Steve Shala, Vice President and CIO, Shaner Hotel Group Read Full Verkada Review >

Read the full Verkada article by Linda Cheng

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