Help Alert!

If the Unthinkable Happens, How Fast Can You Respond?

Door locks, safer vestibules and video monitoring are necessary but only Help Alert pinpoints the location of an event in real time. Allowing immediate, active response before it’s too late, Help Alert uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) to pinpoint staff in need of assistance. By leveraging existing WiFi and without any additional access points Help Alert! is a non-intrusive solution to a growing problem.

If an event occurs device holders can press a button on the small pendant triggering immediate and discreet notification to designated authorities. The pendant’s exact location is tracked and transmitted via security monitors and mobile devices. This allows security staff to intervene before a situation escalates and without alerting the attacker.

The threats of violence, assault and injury is a persistent issue in education and hospitality. Protecting students and staff has emerged as the key responsibility that administrators and hotel owners face today. As increasing regulation requires mandatory panic device placement in hotels and schools Help Alert! remains the economical and comprehensive option. Peace of mind is an invaluable asset. Create a secure productive environment focused on learning and comfort with OSI and Help Alert!