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On June 11, 2019 Governor Murphy signed Bill No. S2986 into law. The law aims to mitigate threats to hotel employees who often work alone in secluded areas and are particularly vulnerable for assault. The legislation mandates that hotels, and similar establishments, with 100 or more guest quarters must provide panic devices certain employees. Those tasked with “housekeeping or room servicing” responsibilities with out another employee present must be provided with a panic device. The law includes all subcontractors of the hotel as well.

The law aims to provide an additional measure of security to employees in vulnerable roles. If an employee reasonably believes there is an ongoing crime or feels a threat of harassment/assault they must be empowered to immediately notify authorities and supervisory staff. Hotels that fail to provide the required measure of safety to employees or who fail to meet other obligations under the law could face up to $10,000 for each violation.

A panic device is a 2-way radio device that can be kept on an employee allowing them to communicate with or summon immediate assistance from security, management, or other appropriate hotel staff.

The New Jersey law is set to take effect on January 1, 2020. Employers are burden with compliance to the law as well as assessment of how many employees will require the panic devices, what updates need to be made to employee policies and procedures, and how employers will notify guests about the panic device policy. As a well known trusted technology advisor OSI is well versed on the integration and implementation of a full spectrum of panic device options. For a full list of our capabilities catered to the hospitality industry click here.

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