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What is the OSI Advantage

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“OSI Advantage” is a customized managed services option formed to provide Avaya, Mitel or Cisco UC deployments with a new way of experiencing their premise-based PBX Solution. While enjoying all the benefits that hosted systems offer, OSI Advantage Plans allows organizations to maintain their Voice Network.

OSI Advantage Allows You To:

  • Keep a current PBX network without day-to-day support or required upgrades

  • Add multi-tier redundancy and resiliency

  • Maintain the most current version of communication software

  • Add more in-depth management controls to oversee results

  • Create custom applications and reporting tools for integration into other business applications such as CRM

  • Add VoIP lines or SIP trunks from multiple VoIP providers

OSI Advantage helps organizations, with Avaya, Mitel or Cisco UC, achieve their goals with flexibility and heightened operational functionality while maintaining the interfaces users already know with no major disruptions to your organization. We have all of the support you need.

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OSI Technology offers a tiered Managed Services Plan with options available for Avaya, Cisco or Mitel users.

Enjoy the reliability of your large telecommunications solution without carrying the resources to manage it or the high costs of maintenance. OSI offers Managed Services Plans that allow you to enjoy your PBX solution at a reasonable price without committing IT resources to manage the constant upgrades and changes.

OSI Technology manages your system as if it’s a hosted solution, but with the reliability you have come to expect from premise-based equipment. The OSI Avaya, Mitel or Cisco UC Managed Solution can be up to 75% less costly than moving to a hosted solution, which your business would need to support. Enjoy less costs and less business interruption while experiencing the reliability and excellent sound that PBX Systems have delivered American businesses for decades.


We can customize it for your needs or for the alternative systems of Avaya, Mitel, or Cisco UC


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