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What Is All The Rage About WIFI 6?

The new technology in Wi-Fi 6 promises to make a big impact on performance. Otherwise known as 802.11ax, it won’t just boost data-transfer speeds by triple, it can also reach into once dead corners of buildings, with a better handle on the mass traffic of users at airports and stadiums. Wi-Fi 6 also promises to block interference from neighboring networks. All this suggests your phone and laptop will see better battery performance as the stress of connection is eased.

Wi-Fi 6, like previous generations of Wi-Fi, uses 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands. Now, in order to ease congestion further, the Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a 6GHz spectrum available to Wi-Fi 6 devices only. All of the devices running on the new 6E spectrum must be specifically enabled to do so and be running on a Wi-Fi 6E-enabled access point in order to take advantage of the speed and performance enhancements. This means a Wi-Fi 6 device will continue running over 2.4 or 5GHz bands, as the 6GHz spectrum is reserved for 6E gadgets. The main benefit being reduced congestion on additional wireless channels.

Some Wi-Fi 6 devices, like routers, laptops, smartphones, are already for sale. Many more will be released throughout 2020. Wi-Fi 6 isn’t an extreme upgrade in terms of speed, but it will lead to faster Wi-Fi along with less wireless congestion and perhaps even extended battery life for your devices. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi 6E is still on the horizon. There’s no finite deadline for when regulations will be changed, enabling these devices to hit the market. 6E a great long-term goal, but might not be worth holding out for if you’re thinking about upgrading gear. There is a lot to consider with Wi-Fi 6 and 6E so if you are getting ready to invest in new infrastructure pick your router carefully. Schedule a consultation with a technology advisor to ensure that the investments you make in technology today won’t be antiquated in a year.

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