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Verkada Reviews: Security for Towns and Cities

Image: Verkada

Verkada’s powerful solution makes it simple to protect citizens and critical infrastructure across towns and cities. From one centralized platform, city managers and local authorities have instant remote access to cameras, doors, and environmental sensors citywide. With an integrated approach to public health and safety, cities take a proactive role in maintaining security, reducing environmental impacts, and streamlining everyday services.

In these reviews, learn how municipal leaders leverage Verkada’s hybrid cloud security solution to build safer cities for their citizens.

Verkada Reviews from Towns & Cities

  1. Centralized Physical Security Operations “When Verkada integrated access control with their camera solution, that sealed the deal for us. We now manage all our physical security on one platform, and the ease of use allows us to share access more broadly with minimal to no training.” Bryan Terry, IT Director, City of Arlington Read Full Verkada Review >

  2. Intuitive Platform for End-Users “We’ve drastically reduced the number of IT support tickets after deploying Verkada. Our departments had viewing access to their site as soon as they logged in, the whole platform is very straightforward and easy to use.” Daniel Vera, Director of IT, City of Edinburg Read Full Verkada Review >

  3. Simplified Credentials with Mobile Access “I can instantly view cameras on my phone and share footage through a link, while our officers can unlock doors from their phone if they forget their key card. Anyone who can work a smartphone can work the system, which has been an amazing transition for us.” Jonathan Ventura, Chief of Police, City of Arlington Read Full Verkada Review >

  4. 99.7% Faster Investigations “Before we would have to go through videos and manually look for the incidents. Now we use Motion Grid Search, highlight an area, and immediately find what we need. Some searches that would’ve taken 2-3 days now take 10-15 minutes, it’s been a huge change for the city.” Lars DeSalvio, Director of IT, City of Takoma Park Read Full Verkada Review >

  5. Share Footage in Seconds via SMS or Video Link “The camera is at my fingertip whenever I need to go back days or weeks at a time to review surveillance in a certain area. It’s been a huge asset as an investigator." Nathaniel Duley, Detective, City of Parkersburg Read Full Verkada Review >

  6. Customizable Alerts for Proactive Security “We now have cameras that monitor the fences that border our properties. By enabling motion notifications for these areas, we’re notified any time unauthorized activity is detected after hours. These alerts keep my team in the know, even when we’re not monitoring the system.” Joe Davis, General Manager, Moapa Valley Water District Read Full Verkada Review >

  7. Evolving Future-Proof Technology “The system is always evolving, driving up its value over time. I log in, see a notification (‘What’s New?’) and instantly have access to new features and capabilities. In the two years that we’ve used Verkada, there has already been a tremendous amount of growth in the product and what it can do for customers. It’s exciting to be part of the rocketship and I’m excited to see where it’s headed.” Jeff Thompson, IT Manager, City of Havre de Grace Read Full Verkada Review >

Read the full Verkada article by Linda Cheng

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