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Security for Leading Retailers

Image: Verkada

Over $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from the retail industry each year, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. However, rather than simply reacting to incidents after the fact, retailers are now taking a proactive role in preventing inventory loss with a unified approach to access control, environmental monitoring, and video security.

In these Verkada reviews, see how leading retailers leverage Verkada’s top-rated physical security solution to improve loss prevention, understand customer behavior and drive sales through strategic product placements.

Verkada Reviews from Retail Customers

  1. Real-time Asset Protection with Repeat Offender Alerts “Once we can identify where the products are missing from, we can figure out who took it, where, when, and get a picture with our 4K cameras. Using Face Search, we know how many times they’ve been in the building for the last 30 days, and with Person of Interest Notifications we are alerted if they come back." Adam Roseneck, Franchise Dealer, Canadian Tires Read Full Verkada Review >

  2. Key Insights to Improve Product Placement & Retail Sales “We use Motion Plotting Heatmaps to identify bottlenecks around high-traffic areas and popular items. The insights we gather with Verkada inform product placement, so we are able to funnel traffic more efficiently and prevent overcrowding." Christopher Koch, Director of Information Systems, Adams Beverages Read Full Verkada Review >

  3. Effective Tool to Find Evidence For Investigations “Never has finding and retrieving footage from any of our stores been so easy. We reduced investigation times down from days to minutes, and we can share footage directly with stakeholders without having to download and distribute raw video files. Plus the ability to find people based on their appearance or face has been a game-changer; we can quickly identify suspects, repeat offenders, VIPs, and staff." Brett Williams, Compliance Manager, Heinneman Read Full Verkada Review >

  4. Set User Permissions for Store & District Managers “It’s easy to grant appropriate permissions to different users; there isn’t a narrow doorway that prevents the team from getting to the data they need. (This allows) managers (to) quickly pull up footage to see what’s happening onsite… the feedback from the team has been really positive." Cycle Gear, Ed Homich, Director of IT Read Full Verkada Review >

  5. No Undetected Camera Downtime “Verkada provides us with 24⁄7 remote visibility and proactive alerts if cameras go offline, or when anything meaningful is happening onsite. This takes out the guesswork so we no longer need to manually check cameras or allocate budget towards security personnel and costly repairs." Malachi Salazar, Director of IT & Marketing, Fun Town RV Read Full Verkada Review >

  6. Future-Proof & Cost-Effective Security Solution “Regular feature and security updates mean that the technology I buy from Verkada today will always be ahead of the curve. Plus, the 10-year warranty means I can spend time on planning for growth, rather than worrying about existing investments." Daniel Burnham, CTO and Co-founder, Sook Retail Read Full Verkada Review >

  7. User-Friendly, Multi-Site Management “Verkada is perfect for any multi-site location looking to scale, it could not get any more simple or more user friendly." Pete Allen, Facilities Manager, Vancouver Mall Read Full Verkada Review >

Read the full Verkada article by Linda Cheng

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