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Security for Hospitality Management

Image: Verkada

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the hospitality sector loses up to $400 billion each year due to theft. From monitoring point of sale (POS) systems to securing high-traffic areas, hospitality leaders use Verkada to proactively prevent losses while mitigating health and safety risks. Additionally, Verkada’s modern security solution offers data-driven insights to improve staff efficiency, occupancy management, and overall customer experience.

By adopting an integrated approach to video security and access control, incidents are resolved in real-time to protect key areas, goods, and people. Meanwhile, environmental sensors detect and deter costly events such as smoking and vaping, temperature or humidity changes around perishables or equipment, as well as spikes in harmful chemicals such as TVOCs.

In these reviews, learn how restaurant, hotel, and hospitality leaders use Verkada to improve health, safety, and environments across their establishments.

Verkada Reviews for Hospitality Management

  1. Improve Product Placement and Inventory Management “Now we know why certain food items do better in sales than others; display arrangements, how frequently fridges are restocked… things like that… all help us make more informed business decisions. In the event that ingredients are missing or running low, we can trace back to when that delivery was supposed to take place and verify what happened." Brett Parker, Head of Properties, GAIL’s Bakery Read Full Verkada Review >

  2. Scalable Coverage Across Key Sites “We cover virtually every entrance and exit of the buildings… indoor cameras cover dining rooms and POS areas; we (also) monitor back of house and have outdoor cameras (that) focus on patio areas and parking lots. We’re confident that we’re covering all critical areas in our restaurants.” Hugh Tullos, Risk & Safety Manager, Torchy’s Tacos Read Full Verkada Review >

  3. Ensure Food Safety and Handling “Fresh baked goods and incredible coffee–that’s what our brand is built on. That’s why proper training is so critical; we set high standards for those involved in keeping up that expectation. We monitor food and coffee prep stations because we feel accountable for serving up safe, tasty food. If ever we need to examine how teams are being trained, or how food is being prepared, we have footage to reference.” Brett Parker, Head of Properties, GAIL’s Bakery Read Full Verkada Review >

  4. Remote Monitoring to Streamline Operations “The ability to visually monitor everything that happens in a restaurant is critical. With Verkada, we’re able to effectively manage every part of our business in a really simple way. This solution was a no brainer for us, and the impact it made on our day-to-day operations was immediate. We saw the value of the solution almost immediately.” Steve Ugur, Co-owner, Pausa Bar & Cookery Read Full Verkada Review >

  5. Plug-and-Play in Minutes “The installation with Verkada is very simple. We no longer need a power supply and a DVR; it’s just a PoE line and it’s plug-and-play. It takes minutes to bring the cameras online.” Matthew Lambrecht, Senior Manager of Technology, Torchy’s Tacos Read Full Verkada Review >

  6. No Ongoing Maintenance Costs “I don’t have to allocate resources or time to make sure that cameras across all locations are functioning. If we don’t get an alert, we trust that the system works.” Scott Callegari, IT Manager, Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill Read Full Verkada Review >

  7. Proactive Alerts and Global Technical Support “When we get these notifications, I call Verkada’s support team and they’re able to resolve all of our cases remotely. The fact that we don’t have to call technicians onsite to service the cameras has been a tremendous cost savings for us.” Steve Shala, Vice President and CIO, Shaner Hotel Group Read Full Verkada Review >

  8. User-Friendly Platform with Up to 4K Video Quality “Verkada’s web platform is the most user-friendly I’ve experienced compared to other solutions on the market. Not only is it quick to learn, it’s also easy to navigate and use on a day-to-day basis. Finding and retrieving footage now takes a fraction of the time, and the video quality is so much better.” Paige Hughes, General Manager of Meridian at Courthouse Commons Read Full Verkada Review >

  9. Straightforward Security Management “There are no secrets to becoming successful with Verkada. The way the system works is effortless– from the way it’s installed, to getting it up and running. I no longer need to put time, energy, or thought into my camera system; Verkada makes it effortless to manage video security across sites.” John Spirko, Senior Director of Loss Prevention, Equinox Fitness Club Read Full Verkada Review >

Read the full Verkada article by Linda Cheng

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