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Cyber Criminals Are Getting Smarter, Are You Protected?

Protecting Your Business From The Inside, Out

US business remains a primary target for cybercriminals looking to shake the financial foundation of our economy. Stealing highly sensitive information, through ransomware, crypto-mining and other malware shows extremely costly not just from a financial perspective for businesses but also a public relations aspect. Protecting businesses from these threats proposes a large set of challenges. Combining new technology and applications with complex security features with legacy systems, all while meeting the demands of the evolving user experience requires much more than traditional firewalls.

Since threats are constantly evolving, so must our strategy and technology. In order to defend against these sophisticated threats, businesses need to be well equipped with the best protective devices and solutions to not only secure customer data, but also the entirety of the business. Businesses are becoming reliant on threat intelligence, advanced behavioral and system analytics in order to identify potential threats and attacks before they even happen. OSI’s Firewall Options provide up-to-the-minute threat intelligence in real-time to stop impending threats, insight into new threats anywhere in the world, fast and comprehensive intelligence through automated analytics, high fidelity with mature rigorous back-end processes, prevention of exploitation, and top-rated effectiveness achieved through a commitment to independent, real-world testing.

For more information visit OSI Technology for Business or contact OSI at 800.677.1778 OSI Technology is a voice and data solutions provider with 38 years of experience in consulting, designing, deploying, and servicing best-in-class solutions that drive business security, productivity, and efficiencies no matter the business size

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