Voice / Unified Communications (UC)


Today we understand that collaboration capabilities are fundamental to every business operation, large or small. Throughout the business day we collaborate around documents, projects, concepts, customer issues… and the list goes on. OSI has evolved throughout the decades as collaboration has become today’s new business standard increasing productivity and embracing the new mobile work force.  The vendors OSI represents have a long heritage in communications and have “written the book” on harnessing a new UC platform in both essential collaboration infrastructure and application suites.

We have expertise in a wide range of Unified Communications applications.

Voice Messaging

Avaya’s Modular Messaging product is one of the most advanced voice messaging systems ever manufactured and can be used in conjunction with products like Mutare’s EVM and Speech to Text. Using Avaya one-X Mobile, one-X Portal, and one-X Communicator, customers have the option of fixed, mobile and/or soft phones for complete voice messaging access. Enhanced messaging capabilities such as Speech Access give mobile employees hands-free access to desktop tools (e.g. messaging) and communications (e.g. dialing, conferencing) through simple and intuitive speech commands.

Visual Communications

OSI can design a visual communications package that can include separate voice, videoconferencing and Web conferencing capabilities, as well as unified conferencing capabilities. This holistic approach brings video components, integration points and physical space together into a single platform, providing connectivity throughout the enterprise.

Instant Messaging / Presence

 OSI offers many Instant Messaging and Presence options, including Microsoft OCS 2007r2/Lync for our customers’ instant messaging needs, as well as Avaya’s Aura Presence Services for presence integration with Avaya’s Aura Communications Manager and one-X product suite. Presence and IM have become indispensable business tools which will play an increasingly central role in collaboration.


OSI offers the Avaya one-X Mobile system for fixed mobile convergence solutions. Today’s mobility solutions demand both functionality and visible cost savings and osi has experience delivering both for our clients through visual voicemail, instant messaging, and presence to/from the mobile device in conjunction with savings on cellular minutes by leveraging existing enterprise Wi-Fi using dual-mode devices.


Developing an enterprise virtualization strategy is key to leveraging this technology and architecture beyond the immediate financial benefits. Virtualization brings flexibility and agility to the business and that benefit needs to be understood within the organization. OSI Enginers will work with you to develop a roadmap that gets you from basic virtualization to having a fully functional private cloud.

Our consultative approach includes a comprehensive network assessment to evaluate how we can design a solution which addresses your business challenges in order to achieve your business goals. For midsize businesses to large enterprises, Avaya Aura offers video, IM, audio, video, Web conferencing and messaging on a more robust scale.