OSI Technology in partnership with RFT and their Help Alert pendant system are tops in the industry. Turn every employee in the building into the eyes and ears needed in a life-threatening event. Providing all staff members with small, discrete pendants that will act as silent transmitters in the event there is danger allows professionals to pinpoint the danger within feet of its occurrence.  Leveraging your existing WIFI, Help Alert will notify administrators of an issue, pinpoint the exact location, and lock down classrooms with added ability to alert security and police with other physical alarms and red lights.

Listen to Homeland Security experts and safe school technicians who have the data you need to make quality security equipment procurement decisions. While many school districts are allocating money for metal detectors or lock-down capable classrooms, the real threat often comes from inside the building. Learn how easily this vital security option fits into your budget.

Join OSI Technology, RFT and Ruckus Networks on Tuesday, October 30th at Rutgers University or Thursday, November 1st at Montclair State University for a live Safe School Seminar on the latest safety options available for your school district.

Rutgers University

New Brunswick, New Jersey

October 30


Montclair State University

Montclair, New Jersey

November 1