Municipality Smart City Solutions


In today’s tech-dominated world, cities are often stretched to maintain their current services while keeping up with the changing expectations of citizens’, businesses’ and visitors’ technological needs. New sensor technologies and IoT are opening opportunities for cities to provide new services and make existing city services 10 times more efficient than before! Since these devices often connect using wireless protocols, cities are deploying more and more public Wi-Fi, both as an amenity and as an alternative broadband access option to help bridge the digital divide that occurs when households don’t have internet access.

Smart city technologies such as, traffic and parking management, air quality control, emergency response, smart metering, waste management, citizen engagement, public Wi-Fi, civil work monitoring, water treatment and weather tracking aim to solve your everyday technological problems such as finding access to Wi-Fi points, protecting data, power shortages and backhaul, all while providing reliable solutions that combine industry leading technologies.