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OSI Advantage – Customized Managed Services Option


“OSI Advantage” is a customized managed services offer that was formed in order to provide our Avaya/Nortel Enterprises with an option of continuing to enjoy their premise-based PBX Solution WHILE enjoying all the benefits that hosted systems offer. Would you like the best of both worlds? To learn more, download the OSI Managed Services Brochure.

Do You Want To:

  • Enjoy your current PBX network but not have to get involved in the day-to-day support nor the adds, moves and changes?

  • Have multi-tier redundancy and resiliency so you don’t have to worry?

  • Always have the most updated version of communication software?

  • Have no concerns about obsolescence and needing a future forklift?

  • Do all of the above for a set monthly cost with no worries?

OSI Advantage helps organizations like yours achieve all of the above and forgo nothing in flexibility and operational functionality while still being able to use the interfaces your users already know and love. No major disruption to your organization that change can trigger but the business achieves all the benefits you are looking for.

Additionally, your new OSI Managed PBX System will also afford you:

  • More in-depth management controls for you to oversee results

  • Flexibility to create custom applications and reporting tools to¬† integrate into other business applications such as CRM

  • Flexibility to add VoIP Lines or SIP trunks from multiple VoIP providers

OSI Insight

“Many Customers told us that their business needs were unique and everyone tried to fit them into a set offering that just didn’t work. We sat down and really listened and priced out an offering that was customized to their business needs versus them changing their business to fit our offers. This is something we are good at – listening to our customers and then helping formulate a plan to “do the right thing”. Feels good and something we are excited to be a part of.”

Ask your OSI Technology Account Manager to show you how OSI Advantage can make troubles in your voice network a thing of the past.