How WiFi 6 Will Revolutionize Wireless


By now you know about 5G, but there is a new technology on the horizon and it promises to make a bigger impact on performance….WiFi 6. The technology standard called 802.11ax, won’t just boost data-transfer speeds by triple, it’ll also reach into once dead corners of buildings, with better handle of the mass traffic of users at airports and stadiums, as well as block interference from your neighboring networks. Even better? Your phone and laptop will see better battery performance as the stress of connection is eased.

One of Wi-Fi 6’s biggest advances is OFDMA, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, an efficiency-boosting technology leveraged from mobile networks to heighten connectivity speeds. Another advantage is MU MIMO, Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output. This will aid multiple access points in working collaboratively to cover every necessary corner of your building with WiFi signal. Finally, there’s 1024 QAM, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, which boosts data rates by 30%.

Some of our clients most excited by Wi-Fi 6 are those that cater to customers with hundreds of users. The top-end new Qualcomm chip, the Networking Pro 1200, can handle a massive 1,500 simultaneous connections to devices like phones and PCs. We can create true high-density and simultaneous connectivity by using multiple radios on each access point so that each WiFi 6 product can accommodate thousands of devices.

Wi-Fi 6 is more responsive and predictable so if you are getting ready to invest in new infrastructure pick your router carefully. If you purchase wisely it could be the last one you buy for a very long time.


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