The OSI Corner


How A.I. is Changing the Way Business is Done

Solutions that make conducting business seamless no matter where you are. High satisfaction client interactions are reliant upon multiple artificial intellegance technologies and your business could be suffering if your not taking advantage.

Cyber Criminals Are Getting Smarter, Are You Protected?

Cyber crime is up and with more facets of everyday business relying upon online technology your risk has never been higher. Mitigate your exposure with the right protection.

Is Your SIP ALG Turned Off?

Do you know what SIP ALG is and how it can affect the performance of your IP devices? Quick fixes that can dramatically improve performance.

Is It Time To Move To The Cloud?

With so many cloud solutions available on the market what is the right fit for you and the business you conduct? Learn more about the options and how to seamlessly intigrate with your current systems.

What Is All The Rage About WiFi 6?

We finally have 5G technology as part of mainstream technology, so what makes WiFi 6 worth another conversion? Is the technology really worth investing in?

NJ Law Requires Panic Devices For Hotel Employees

On June 11, 2019 New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation requiring hotels with 100 rooms or more provide panic devices to employees. Hotels must comply by 2020 and the deadline is rapidly approaching.

Planning 2020 Technology Budgets with E-Rate

Now that the FCC has posted the budgetary and eligibility requirements for its 2020 E-Rate funding program what does that mean for your school? How can you apply and maximize your savings? How much is your school even entitled to?

The End of Windows 7

With Microsoft officially ending its services and upgrades for Windows 7 users are now migrating to a safer, faster alternative in Windows 10. Could the migration be right for your PCs too and what does the new system require?

Is Your School Complying With Alyssa’s Law?

Effective in 2020 the new law mandates that all public schools are outfit with security and panic systems to silently alert authorities in cases of emergency. Has your school made the necessary upgrades and what is the right system for your district?

Windows 10 For Schools And Educators

Now that Windows 7 is no longer being updated by Microsoft meaning a major shift for school districts nationwide to the newer Windows 10. How can you manage a successful and economical migration? How will the new system benefit your educators and adminsitrators?