News and Events

New Jersey School Board Association 2018 Workshop Exhibit

October 23-24, 2018, 9am-4pm, Atlantic City Convention Center, Booth 191

This year’s theme “Engaging Every Child,” reinforces our belief that every child has a path toward success with the right tools.

As school administrators you play an important part in the future of our state and nation by providing the leadership to enable our students to become productive, responsible citizens and our country to prosper. Workshop 2018 will provide you with the training, resources, and networking opportunities to support your role as a school leader and keep students safe in the class room.

Join OSI Technology along with RFT, at booth 191 for a demonstration of the Help Alert system and learn how easy integration with your current infrastructure can be.


Safe School Seminar

October 30, 2018 at Rutgers University New Brunswick and November 1, 2018 at Montclair State University

What makes your school safe from threats inside the building? Once there is an event, what tools have you provided that will help your educators keep students and themselves safe?

OSI Technology Unveils Customized Managed Services Options

May 2016

“OSI Advantage” is a customized managed services offer that was formed in order to provide our Avaya/Nortel Enterprises with an option of continuing to enjoy their premise-based PBX Solution while enjoying all the benefits that hosted systems offer. This new offer helps organizations achieve all of their organizational objectives and forgo nothing in flexibility and operational functionality while still being able to use the interfaces their users already know and love. No major disruptions that change can trigger, but the organization achieves all the benefits they are looking for.