About OSI Technology



OSI has been providing organizations with technology solutions for 34 years. We are unique because our company was founded in the roots of technology as an off-shoot of Wang Labs, with our earliest origins emerging from data. Several years later, we diversified to become one of the first AT&T dealers in NJ and our expertise in telephone systems emerged. With experience in both of these disciplines, we were positioned for a convergence, and have continued to evolve and grow with changing technologies to maintain the cutting-edge knowledge and expertise needed to service our customers and identify creative solutions. Today, our dedicated, service-oriented company is committed staying one step ahead of technology trends and providing customized solutions that integrate voice, data, video, cloud and hybrid solutions, security, and networking technologies to meet the changing needs of organizations like yours.


OSI’s value proposition as an integrator begins with our approach. We first take the time to listen to you and develop an in-depth understanding of your company’s requirements and pain points, and then we plan the most optimal solutions to meet these challenges and address all of your needs. OSI provides a single-source accountability to design, build and manage multi-vendor communications networks to allow you to concentrate on your operational needs instead. Our management and maintenance solutions offer predictable costs, while our implementation and integration services support on-time project completion so you reach all of your objectives

What We Deliver

Our expertise is in a broad array of communications solutions, including: telephone systems, wireless access, access security, data switches, cloud and hybrid solutions, video, mobility, contact centers, software applications, carrier services, disaster recovery, and much more, using best-in-breed manufacturers. This includes large manufacturers such as Cisco, Avaya/Nortel, and Motorola, but also we work with more niche manufacturers as well in some instances. We choose these smaller players because they may just deliver the solution a little better, a little more cost-effective, and/or a little more creatively or appropriately for your specific business need. We leverage our relationships with the manufacturers allowing us to act as your advocate and simplifying the process of integrating your interwoven systems.

Technical Expertise

We employ our own technical staff from design engineers to project managers, who are all extensively certified in the products we support. OSI also has an inside NOC where we monitor customer systems 24 hours a day, flagging issues in real-time. Another aspect that we feel is indicative of our service culture is that when you call OSI, you are greeted by a live person on the other end of the phone who immediately directs your call to the appropriate person to assist you.

OSI Technology Brochure
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