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Please visit for important announcements from Avaya including product notices, documentation and additional tools.

Keeping your systems updated increases reliability and mitigates risks. Services Packs provide product corrections and help eliminate concerns that may arise in the future. Services Packs are developed for Software, Firmware and Security related elements. Firmware updates apply to hardware solution elements in order to make the product easily maintainable. Firmware updates allow customers to take advantage of the latest converged technology without the expense of purchasing new equipment.

Applying the actual firmware updates is not a free entitlement of regular support; however, OSI has many options available for customers in need of ongoing assistance. Please contact your OSI Account Executive for further details.

Services Packs are made available on the Avaya Download Center located on Avaya will develop, test and upload Services Packs for all Avaya developed products on the first Monday of even numbered months (if the need exists). Therefore, one could expect to see a new Service Pack on the first Monday in February, April, June, August, etc. if a need exists. If you would like to be notified when a new Service Pack is available on the Avaya Download center, sign up for eNotification, identifying the products for which you would like to receive notification. Avaya will continue to develop new Services Packs for the most current release and one prior major release with the latest minor update and service pack for all Avaya products. All existing Services Packs for older releases will remain on the Download Center for future access. Service Pack content is ported into the next Service Pack or Major and Minor releases; therefore, the next release or pack will be an accumulation of all updates.

Customers with a Support agreement that cares for the Software Application will have access to Software, Firmware and Security Services Packs as well as Minor release updates.

In order to access the Download Center, you will first need to:

  1. Obtain an SSO Login.
  2. Confirm that your primary System Administrator has granted you permission to Access Downloads for each of the locations that you may be responsible for supporting. That individual will need to associate all of your company’s Sold-To numbers with the appropriate users SSO Log-Ins in order to assign permissions to access pertinent updates by site.
  3. Have your equipment registered with Avaya. This will enable the appropriated Service Packs to be available for each of your unique locations and communication servers. (Your equipment should be registration by your OSI Implementation Team upon installation.)

Request Single Sign-On (SSO) Log-in

To obtain an SSO Log-In (if you do not already have one):

  1. Go to: and click on “Register Now”
  2. Read and accept the “Terms of Use”
  3. Complete the information form and click on “Register”

Download Center Permissions

To grant permissions allowing other authorized team member access to your download center:

  1. Go to and click on “Sold-To Administration”
  2. Select “Make Sold-To # Associations”
  3. Select “User Name” and enter the persons SSO Log-In ID or Partner ID (your partner will have this information)
  4. Complete the form with Sold-To numbers and site identifier information
  5. Repeat this process until all Sold-To’s have been entered

If you should encounter any problems, please call the appropriate number for your area listed on the Log-In Screen.

Access Service Packs and Minor Release Updates

  1. Visit the Avaya Download Center at
  2. Click on “Download Center” (This site does require an Avaya Single Sign On Login.)

Most Services Packs are customer installable. However, if you need assistance, please contact your OSI Account Executive for further assistance.

Sign Up For eNotification

If you would like to receive proactive eNotification when a new Product Update, Upgrade, or Service Pack or new technical documentation is available, please follow the instructions below to register:

  1. You will need an SSO Login
  2. Go to
  3. On the Right Navigation bar, below “On Line Service Manager” select “My E-Notification”
  4. From here you can click on “Add New Notification” or “View eNotifications”

You can subscribe to receive eNotification of new/updated documents. Choosing from the document categories listed will provide email notifications for all products. If you would prefer to specify eNotification by product and release, click on “Choose from the Product list”, and select the product(s) from the pull down menu and follow instructions on subsequent pages.

You can Access Administration, Technical and User Guides on a 24×7 basis.

If you have problems with your SSO Login you may elect to call 1-866-AVAYAIT or email

Dial-In Ticketing

To call in a problem, dial 1-800-242-2121 and reference your Sold-To Number {1234567}. This is your account number with Avaya. Listen to the prompts to select the appropriate platform or product type.

  1. For ease of trouble reporting, please have the following information ready to give the GSO team:
    • Your name and callback number, if you are not the onsite contact
    • The name and number of the onsite contact
    • A description of the equipment and the trouble
    • Trouble start time and business impact
    • Information regarding any non-Avaya investigatory work that has been performed
    • Indication of any previous or related Avaya cases
    • Approval for charges if applicable
  2. Before ending the call please make sure you document the following information:
    • The case number
    • The contact commitment time
    • The name and call back number of the associate working your issue

You will be given a ticket number. Please keep it available for future reference. To obtain status on an existing trouble, call back to your 800 number and you will be prompted to enter your case number. Your call will then be transferred to the current case owner. If you get voice mail you can leave a message or dial 0 to talk to a live engineer. In most cases, Avaya is able to resolve and test the problem remotely without the need of an onsite visit. If this can be done, you will be notified by phone when the trouble has been cleared.

Web Ticketing

If you would like to generate a Trouble Ticket via the Avaya Web Ticketing system:

  1. You will need to have a Single Sign On (SSO) Login
    • Go to
    • Under “On Line Service Manager” click on “Create A Service Request”
    • Sign in using your SSO Login and follow the instructions provided
  2. Before leaving the site, please be sure to capture:
    • Your case number
    • The contact commitment time
    • Charges may apply if the problem is identified on non-Avaya equipment.